Bug Sprays Rated​: This Year's Safest & Most Effective Insect Repellents​ (PHOTOS)

woman applying bug sprayIt's almost summer, and in addition to all the beauty and green and warmth that brings, it'll also mean busting out the bug spray. But conundrum: Only about a third of Americans believe insect repellents on the market are safe for adults, according to a recent Consumer Reports survey. Even fewer -- 23 percent! -- believe they're safe for kids.   


It's no surprise. No matter how much you hate clawing at mosquito bites, you probably loathe the toxic idea of dousing yourself in deet. But are natural alternatives effective?

Well, good news: For the first time ever in Consumer Reports’ tests of insect repellents, new, safer products—made with milder, plantlike chemicals—were the most effective.

So which ones should we be using -- and how? Here, the most useful findings from Consumer Reports' latest bug spray investigation.

What will you be using to keep mosquitoes away this summer? 

bug sprays rated

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