The 13 Times Your Period Will Try to Sabotage Your Otherwise Happy Life

Adriana Velez | May 13, 2015 Healthy Living

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How does your period know? It seems like no matter how regular your cycles are, your period always seems to sense when the WORST time to start would be. And then it adjusts itself to start right then. Impressed?

We asked moms about the most inconvenient times they've ever gotten their periods. A lot of these will sound painfully familiar, we think. Ooh, please pass the pain reliever and chocolate?

What's the most inconvenient time you've ever gotten your period?


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  • On Your Wedding Day


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    She's crying because she just got her EFFING PERIOD! Can you believe this sh*t?

  • Shopping With the Kids


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    "School shopping with three kids ... pain, cramps, heavy. Kids fighting, the mall is hot, long lines. It was the last time I took all of them together. Never forget that lesson."

  • At an Amusement Park


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    "Theme park! She showed up two days early. We got done riding a coaster and running down my leg was blood. Yep, that sucked ass!"

    Another mom concurred, "For some reason, every time I go to Disneyland."

  • First Day of a New Job


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    Nope, not having any trouble concentrating today at all.

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  • While Coaching Gymnastics


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    "Many many times it has come when I am coaching. Very interesting, standing by a balance beam and going uh oh...."

  • Just in Time for a Colonoscopy


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    "Right before my colonoscopy last month. I could still have the test, but the prep while having my period was awful. Period cramps plus diarrhea cramps ... UGH ouch."

  • Your Honeymoon


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    You would not believe how many couples this happens to. Or maybe you would? Aunt Flo also likes to join your romantic, no-kids weekend getaways.

  • Holidays & Birthdays


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    "I've also had my period consistantly for years on both my birthday, which is at the beginning of the month, and Christmas, which is the end. It's like my uterus actually adjusts its cycle to be a jerk."

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  • On a Camping Trip


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    Just got my period! This camping trip is going to be awesome. Yeah ...

  • While Taking a Test


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    Getting your period in the middle of class always rocks. But when it's while you're doing an exam? EVEN BETTER.

  • Just as Your Vacation Begins


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    Ninety percent of women start their periods the minute their vacations start. Okay, we made that up, actually. But doesn't it SEEM true?

  • Right Before 'Happy Naked Time'


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    Hahaha, good thing we're using the red-spotted sheets tonight, because ...

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  • All of the Times


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    Some moms just reject the whole thing:

    "Every month is inconvenient for me. It's on right now and it's inconvenient."

    "Only every month."

    "Um ... it's ALWAYS inconvenient."

    "Is there a convenient time?"


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