Are You Fat? Here's the Easiest Test EVER to Find Out

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Ding dong, the BMI Index is (probably) dead! Finally, there is a better, simpler, more convenient way that we can all tell if we weigh an okay amount or are turning into tubs of lard. Because, you know, a mirror and how our clothes fit aren't enough for every body.


Another name for Body Mass Index, or BMI, should be "Pain in the Ass." It's the numerical value of your weight in relation to your height, and indicates how much body fat you have.

But it's yawn-worthy to calculate on your own, and a BMI can't tell the difference between excess fat and muscle, which weighs more than fat. Nor does it know where you hold your excess fat, since having it in some parts of the body -- like your belly -- can indicate bigger health problems.

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So now scientists have come up with a better fat tester: a piece of...string.

Here's how it works: You measure your height with said piece of string, then fold it in half and see if you can get it around your waist. If so, great. If not, you may be an unhealthy size.

Apparently, international studies have shown for years that you're at lower risk of heart disease if your waist circumference is half your height. And maybe scientists were doing Cat's Cradle in the lab one day and thought, "Hey, what else do you think this piece of string can do, yo?"

Results from one study already show that the string test is super-accurate. One-third of participants were found to be overweight even thought their BMI classified them as normal.

How long do you think it will take before someone starts selling string on TV as a weight loss tool? 

Which method -- BMI or string -- are you more likely to use?


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