Red Wine May Be Able to Help You Lose Weight -- Fingers Crossed!

We love our red wine. Love it when it's cold outside. Love sipping it with steak and while engaging in a great conversation with friends. But some women are claiming a daily glass of wine actually helped them lose weight—and we're going to have to call them out on that one.


Linda Monk, 47, from England credits her nightly glass of wine with helping her lose six pounds in three weeks because, she says, it curbed her sugar cravings. Makes sense, right? Other women, who are also following The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Weight Loss, say the book's advice—which includes choosing proteins and veggies over refined carbs and allowing yourself a glass of wine a day to help feel satisfied—is helping them lose weight, as well.

The key here is that these women are only drinking in moderation and they're choosing red wine, and not white or other types of alcohol, in part because of the benefits of its antioxidants.

It's also important to note these women aren't losing weight because of wine (which would be a dream come true). They're losing or maintaining their weight because they are drinking wine instead of snacking on junk food and filling up on carbs. If a person really wanted to kick their weight-loss effort into overdrive, they would do away with both junk food and alcohol for a bit, which sounds like hell on Earth.

I have to admit, I agree with experts who say a little indulgence here and there can make you feel satisfied enough to stick to your diet goals.

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Moderation, when it comes to any alcoholic beverage or snack, is always obviously the most important thing to remember when we're trying to watch our weight. Red wine is satisfying and relaxing, but a weight loss tool? I'll keep using my birthday wishes until that can actually be proven!

Do you think red wine can help you lose weight?

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