11 Plus-Size Appreciation Selfies That Celebrate Seriously Beautiful Bodies (PHOTOS)

woman in bathing suit on beachFor a long time, women have been made to feel that describing themselves as "plus-size" should be a point of shame. But hopefully, that's a nasty trend that has reached its end. A new social media campaign has women everywhere using the term in a whole new way, proudly snapping selfies and hashtagging them #PlusSizeAppreciation while sharing a few words about why they're thrilled to be in the skin they're in.


The movement sprung from backlash to a British protein supplement ad, which featured a thin model in a teeny bikini asking women if they're "beach body ready?" Not like we haven't seen plenty of those before, or been pressured to be a certain size to hit the beach for YEARS, but it seems like the ad served as a trigger for a lot of women to say they're not going to take it anymore -- and guess what, "plus-size" and "beach-body ready" are obviously NOT mutually exclusive!

In celebration of these women's awesome body pride, we rounded up 11 of the best #PlusSizeAppreciation posts.

Shouldnt have to crop pictures or take then from chest up to be liked. #plussizeappreciation

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#plussizeappreciation #dangilikethisbody #moretolove

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Beach Body #PlusSize Edition � #PlusSizeAppreciation

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