Women Reveal Their Most Embarrassing OB-GYN Stories

Adriana Velez | Sep 15, 2017 Healthy Living
Women Reveal Their Most Embarrassing OB-GYN Stories
Image: Vladimir Gjorgiev/Shutterstock

woman covering mouth
Vladimir Gjorgiev/Shutterstock

Going to the gynecologist is an essential part of our health care, but it's also probably the weirdest. We lie down on that exam table, prop our feet up on those stirrups, and let someone we do not even know that well examine our most private parts. With a recipe like that it is no wonder women have had so many embarrassing things happen at their OB-GYN office. From the most cringe-worthy experiences to ones that can be laughed off, women never know what they are getting into when it comes to a trip to the gyno. It is one of those woman things that we just have to deal with and hope it all goes well! 

Oftentimes, however, the embarrassment and shame experienced at the OB-GYN exam has little or nothing to do with the patient. Despite the fact that doctors are supposed to be professional, there are quite a few of them that completely throw professionalism out the window when it comes to examination time. And most unfortunately, the woman is left holding the bag (and the flushed cheeks).

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Here are 20 women's real-life stories of humiliation at the gynecologist office. Almost every woman can probably relate to a few of these pretty personal stories, we're guessing. We have all been there in some way, shape, or form.

  • Perfect Place for Princess Talk


    Image via Raisa Kanareva/Shutterstock

    "At 8 weeks pregnant, I had heavy bleeding so while I'm in the ER exam room (after waiting for three hours), this random male doctor is having a conversation with me about Disney princesses while up in my vaj. Really awkward."

  • Stinky Feet


    Image via Liv friis-larsen/Shutterstock

    "I went in for one of my appointments and wasn't expecting to get checked. The shoes I wore that day make my feet stink. So when the doctor, the nurse, and the training nurse came back in, I apologized because my feet were stinky. All three of them were taken aback by my comment and kind of snickered."

  • Now Taking Personal Calls


    Image via Federico Marsicano/Shutterstock

    "A couple of years ago, my now former gynecologist took a personal call on his cell while I was on the exam table. I was so shocked that I couldn't say anything at the time, but I raised hell when the receptionist tried to schedule a follow-up appointment and everyone in the waiting room heard me."

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  • Where Have Those Hands Been?


    Image via Kittikorn Phongok/Shutterstock

    "I had an older doc do my yearly. You would think he would have a lady in there ... But he didn't. He also didn't use gloves!!!! The phone rings and he answers it, declaring someone dead, stroking his chin, and rubbing his nose with the fingers he just had in me! He never washed his hands, just wiped them on a paper towel. After, he checked my ass for internal hemorrhoids, again no gloves. Now that I'm older and wiser, I should have gotten the hell out of there."

  • What They Really Think About Your Boobs


    Image via EM Arts/Shutterstock

    "I was getting a checkup at a new doctor's office, and the nurse practitioner went to give me a breast exam. She lifted one side of my gown and said, "Oh, well, not much here to examine!" Okay, I'm an A-cup, but come on! I never went to that practice again."

  • A Cute Med Student Walks Into a Bar ...


    Image via StockLite/Shutterstock

    "When I had my first DD, there were medical students in the room along with all the doctors and nurses watching me deliver. About two months later, one cute med student came into the bar I worked at. He remembered me and said hello -- I was surprised he recognized my face!"

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  • Mysterious Rash

    woman covering crotch

    "I woke up one morning with a horrible rash around my lady parts. This happened one week after having the only casual sex of my life. I thought I had herpes. I was convinced I had it. I went to see my gynecologist. She took a look and said she was going to do a quick pelvic exam. A few seconds later she asks, "Have you been sticking anything in your vagina?" Confused I answered, "No." A few seconds later she pulls out a condom. It had been there for a week. The rash was from the condom. I was so embarrassed that I never had casual sex again."

  • So Not Funny


    Image via stefanolunardi/Shutterstock

    "My former OBGYN in the states was also a stand-up comedian (not joking). Let's just say it didn't transfer well to the exam room."

  • Wardrobe Malfunction


    Image via Lana K/Shutterstock

    "My first pap smear, I was 16, was my first time wearing a hospital gown. I put it on backwards. The doctor just giggled when she walked in."

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  • So ... Do You Enjoy Your Job?


    Image via Marcin Balcerzak/Shutterstock

    "For some reason, I felt the need to start up a conversation while my OGBYN was fingers deep to lessen the awkwardness for me. First thing that came out of my mouth was, "So ... Do you enjoy your job?" I felt him pause ... and then chuckle. Nurse was off in the corner trying to deguise her laughter by turning her back. But ... I saw her shaking shoulders, lol. Oops. Way to make things more awkward by sounding like a pervert!"

  • What's That Smell?


    Image via Piotr Marcinski/Shutterstock

    "A couple of weeks after my hysterectomy, I went in because there was a very strong and gross smell coming from my lady area. Before I put my legs up, I warned my doctor. She didn't even have to go in close and was overcome by the stench!!! Apparently, when she did my surgery, she used some new dissolvable stitches or something. They did not dissolve and just sat up there rotting. Lots of antibiotics later, I was back to normal. She reported it to the company!!!"

  • What's Your Number?


    Image © Tabor Gus/Corbis

    "The first time I went to a doctor after [me and my now-husband] became intimate, [the doctor] asked me about my current sexual life and then she asked me how many partners I have had. I thought she asked how many partners he has had. So I answered "I don't know."

    She asked, "Well, can you take a guess and give me an estimate?" To which I replied, "I don't have the slightest idea. I wouldn't even know where to begin guessing." She is looking more and more horrified and trying to figure out what to say next.

    Finally she says, "Do you think you have been with 100, 200, in the thousands?" I finally figured out she had asked about my number of partners and cracked up laughing. I quickly clarified and gave her the number. She was so relieved. 

  • Hot for Doctor


    Image via Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

    "Before I go on my OBGYN is a stud. During one visit I got so wet during an exam. It was beyond embarrassing. He smiled, too, which made me want to curl up in a ball. And on the way out he says 'nice seeing you.'"

  • Like a Hostess Donut


    Image via dek-dokkhamtai/Shutterstock

    "I was due with my daughter and my OBGYN did the exam and looked right at my husband and said, 'her cervix is like a Hostess donut. I need it to be more like a washer. So take her home and go at it.'"

  • Good Job, Buddy


    Image via Minerva Studio/Shutterstock

    "I had horrible abdominal pain, and made an appt to see my gynecologist because I was pretty certain that I had an ovarian cyst. So they scheduled me that day with a traveling doc ... okay, fine, whatever. Well my husband came with me, and the doc did his exam and said we were going to do an ultrasound because he thought the cyst ruptured. 

    "My husband then says, 'is it because we had sex?' This doc just turns to him and says, 'Yes. You banged her too hard. Good job, buddy!' I about died laughing. My husband still feels bad!"

  • Rogue Toilet Paper


    Image via Paisit Teeraphatsakool/Shutterstock

    "I was at my fertility doctor getting our IUI done and I was lying spread eagle in the stirrups. I had a piece of toilet paper stuck you know where!!! I have no idea how because I always cleaned with a baby wipe before my procedure. I must have missed it apparently! Well jackass hubby saw it and never said anything to me, even when the nurse had her back turned! He started laughing after she left the room then told me! Ugh!! That was so embarrassing. I wanted to kill him! Now I can laugh about it."

  • So Shallow


    Image via zeljkodan/Shutterstock

    "During the usual poke and prodding my doctor commented that I have a shallow vagina. It was the first I had heard of it, but it's better than the alternative I guess! Pretty sure my response was something along the lines of 'oh.. well that's good.'"

  • Way Too Excited Over Breast Exam


    Image via ProStockStudio/Shutterstock

    "Long story short: He got an erection while performing my breast exam. Never again!"

  • Butterfingers Intern


    Image via Kyle Lee/Shutterstock

    During one of my annuals, the Dr was an intern and had trouble getting the spectrum in me. As soon as I heard the "click" it fell on the floor!!! I was horrified and will always remember the sweat beads on his forehead!

  • What a Quack


    Image via Aksenova Natalya/Shutterstock

    "I had a doctor quack at me with a speculum once and I went, 'Nope!' and got up and dressed and left. I'm probably in the minority but I don't want a doctor with a sense of humor. I want a cold, clinical nerd who's going to stick to the facts."


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