What It's Like to Live with 2 Vaginas -- and 2 Periods!

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You know how much you dread getting your period? Well, imagine getting it twice a month -- and bleeding for up to 28 days. Yep, that's the reality of YouTube star Cassandra Bankson. The 22-year-old model, famous for talking about her struggle with severe acne, recently found out that she has ... TWO vaginas.


Cassandra has a rare condition called "uterus didelphys," or "double uterus." Besides two vaginas, she also has two wombs and two cervixes. Uterus didelphys happens in utero, when developing ducts in the genital tract simply never join together.

It's also associated with kidney problems, which is how Cassandra found out about her two lady parts. In some women with this condition, one of the vaginal openings is blocked, so on the outside, her parts look like every other woman's. We're guessing that's the case here.

Cassandra recently suffered such severe back pain that doctors suspected a kidney problem and gave her a full work-up of tests, including an ultrasound and MRI.

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Those revealed that although Cassandra only has one kidney, she is otherwise "twice the woman I thought I was," she reportedly joked to her mom.

A doctor told Cassandra that most women with uterus didelphys don't know they have two vaginas until they start trying to get pregnant. Until her diagnosis, Cassandra just thought she had some pretty hideous periods. Not only were they nearly a month long, but she told Barcroft TV that she had "crippling" cramps and mood swings.

Having a normal sex life shouldn't be an issue, and hopefully, when she's ready to get pregnant, it'll happen without any problem. After all, last year, a woman in England with the same condition gave birth to triplets.

Uterus didelphys can be surgically corrected. But right now, reports  The Daily Mail, Cassandra's "feeling pretty calm about the whole situation."

Do you know anyone with this condition?


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