The Surprisingly Easy Cellulite Remedy You Already Have at Home

can water reduce cellulite?Cellulite. Ugh. The word alone is enough to make you flinch, right? Well, what if there were a quick, home remedy you could try to reduce the appearance of that wiggly-jiggly dimpled flesh that has some of us wearing pants even during 90-degree weather?


It turns out something as simple as drinking more water and staying well hydrated can improve skin's texture. 

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It makes sense. When you think about the effects of dehydration on grapes, you can see why it's so important to keep your water intake up.

A little H2O should be the first beverage you consume each day, according to the experts at Mind Body Green. If that doesn't sound appealing, consider adding some lemon slices to give it a bit of flavor and bottoms up!

But just how much water is enough? Good question! According to Health Ambition, the average woman should drink 2.7 liters or 11 cups of water per day. And just think of all the exercise you'll get running to and from the bathroom!

What remedies have you tried to reduce the appearance of cellulite? 


Image ©BOONROONG/shutterstock

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