8 Times a Women's Bathroom Sign Got a Facelift (PHOTOS)

Few of us relate to that little, familiar female bathroom sign—the one with super-stiff arms and a bulky A-line dress—but the majority of restaurants and businesses still use it to point us in the direction of the powder room (a term as outdated as the image). An amazingly inspirational campaign called It Was Never a Dress, which created this superhero female bathroom image, got us thinking about other ways the most famous female restroom symbol in the world has been messed with.  

Tania Katan, the curator of code at an Arizona software company called Axosoft, is the driving force behind It Was Never a Dress. She says her aim is to change our strict gender binaries and shift our perceptions about women. By using this new symbol of a woman wearing a cape, she is forcing the world to acknowledge an "insightful" woman who isn't a compliant little thing in a triangle dress.

Axosoft is a main sponsor for the Girls in Tech conference and has also partnered with CodaKid, a coding school that will begin teaching programs this month.

In other words, they aren't simply putting out a cool new female image and calling it quits. They're making a real effort to help empower women in careers in which they don't often feel their voices are heard.

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We love this new bathroom sign. But it also got us thinking about similar times when people and companies have "messed" with this female image—for better or worse.


Image via Itwasneveradress.com

  • Dress Optional


    Image via Shelly Prevost/Flickr


    Are you a woman (or a man) who—gasp!—enjoys wearing dresses and pants? Well, then, this is the bathroom for you!

  • Equal Opportunity Superheroes


    Image via Zaneology/Flickr

    Rather than object to Wonder Woman's miniskirt, let's remember she kicked butt. And it could have been worse (cough,Catwoman).

  • Chicken Treatment


    Image via dchantastic/Flickr

    Difficult choice: would you rather be a passive closed-legged woman in a dress or a passive hen?

  • Bathroom Signs: Just Like Us


    Image via The MisAdventures of Maja/Flickr

    She's still wearing a childish dress and what appear to be pigtails, but at least this image captures the reality of our bathroom situation.


  • Hawaii Bathroom Break


    Image via ganeshaisis/Flickr

    In our fantasies, we're wearing a long, flowing dress and flowered lei whenever we go to the bathroom—just like the woman on this bathroom sign in (where else?) Hawaii.

  • Got Cramps?


    Image via Michael Cote/Flickr

    Unlike the previous image of a woman who is unabashedly holding back her pee, this polite lady is clutching her lady parts in a way that might look familiar to some of us—who have daughters under the age of 6.

  • Something's Fishy About This One


    Image via Joe/Flickr

    I'm a woman and I'll carry this dead fish I killed with my bare hands into the bathroom if I want to! And, yes, I wore my A-line dress while I went fishing—got a problem with that?!

  • 'Twilight' Trailer Bathrooms?


    Image via irina slutsky/Flickr

    We're not sure what inspired this sign, which was spotted at a restaurant called Yerba Buena, but we can't help feeling like these two caped villains are waiting in the restroom to suck our blood.


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