New Breast Milk Pills Could Prevent Disease: Would You Take Them?

breast milk pills bottleWe already know the incredible benefits of breastfeeding. Breast milk isn't called liquid gold for nothing. Scientists have been studying mama's milk and have discovered even more incredible benefits and they are not just for children, but also for adults. Breast milk can prevent disease, cure intestinal issues, and help cancer patients -- and now breast milk is in pill form for those who need it most.


Theses findings and the creation of breast milk pills are incredible for so many reasons. Something that can cure so many things is something us mom's make with our own bodies -- we possess superpowers beyond giving birth. We are healers. After 10 years of research, the healing breast milk pills have become a reality. Pills that will help all people -- babies and adults, and all mothers, even formula-feeding moms.

Dr. Bruce German at UC Davis and his team of microbiologists and chemists helped create this breast milk derived probiotic. The supplement is all the disease-fighting good bacteria that will help preemies, cancer patients, children in countries who need help most, and adults with a variety of health issues.

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I'm hopeful that all this research is also beneficial for formula feeding moms. This is how we learn to make formula better, how to truly take the good stuff from breast milk and give it to babies who cannot be breastfed.

It saddens me when people say "ick factor" when discussing breast milk pill consumption for adults. We eat animals. We love milk and cheese. We eat sausages made encased in animal intestine. Breast milk should be embraced as something beautiful, especially since it cures so many things. There is nothing icky about curing people. I truly hope the breast milk pill becomes a reality -- Dr. German is working hard to make that happen. Now, we all need to continue to encourage breastfeeding moms for all the milk they produce that helps so many.

What do you think of breast milk pills? Would you try them if needed?


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