Bruce Jenner Is About to Find Out That Being a Woman Isn't Enough

bruce jenner diane sawyer interviewThis week will most definitely go down in history as one in which everyone and their grandmother formed an opinion about Bruce Jenner's transition. Thankfully, most of the opinions out there are resoundingly positive. But every here and there, you can't help but hear a jab. Because apparently, nothing brings up some people's true feelings about females like a man's transition to womanhood.


Take, for example, my friend's dentist who today told her he's all for Bruce's decision, with one caveat: "It's too bad for him, because he's going to be one ugly woman." As soon as she no longer had a mouth full of dental gear, my friend replied, "He said he's a woman; he didn't say he's a beautiful woman." Bravo to her.

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But how aggravating is that? As my friend put it, Bruce is really no more than five seconds into being known as a woman, and he's already being held to our insane standards of female beauty. That ridiculous opinion espoused by the dentist -- and certainly many others who think in a painfully narrow way -- also makes you wonder: So, if you're not conventionally attractive, you're not a woman? Or as much of a woman? Or it's just a damn shame to basically be a woman, unless you're a pretty one? WTH, dude???

The saddest thing of all is that this isn't exactly a shocker. It's not like women don't hear from the minute they're identified as female in the freakin' womb that we are -- or are at least supposed to be -- pretty, lovely, beautiful, take your pick of synonyms for "good-looking."

Meanwhile, "handsome" is just one of many ways boys and men can be described, and it's rarely depicted as the end of the world for them if they're not.

That said, as many challenges as Bruce may have on his plate right now, it's a shame he's clearly going to have to add one more to the list. Being strong, smart, brave, even a HERO isn't enough when you're a woman. You still have to be "pretty" in order for everyone to believe you have it all.

When was a time you felt like unrealistic standards of beauty held you back from being fully accepted?


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