Lena Dunham Flaunts Her #NoThighGap in Shorts & Makes Our Day (PHOTO)

lena dunham Yay, spring! It's time for more sunshine, more green everywhere, but less clothing. Time to bring out the shorts! What, you don't love how you look in shorts? Cuz you don't have one of those highly-coveted "thigh gap"s? Have no fear, because Lena Dunham is here to save us from one of the craziest body aspirations to be unleashed on women's self-esteem.


The actress took to Instagram to celebrate the fact that "springtime means shorteralls" and then hashtagged it up with "#nothighgap." That's right, world. She took a close-up of her thighs sans gap rocking some tiny, warm weather-ready denim!

Bring it, Lena.

springtime means shorteralls #nothighgap

A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

Love it! Especially in light of Chrissy Teigen's similar "stretchies" post just last week. Okay, maybe we need every celeb doing a social media photo shoot with their thighs, because we'd rather see their beautiful selfies.

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But it's heartening to see that both SI swimsuit models and HBO auteurs alike have no problem flauting what their non-airbrushed, curvy, stretchi-fied, and gap-less thighs look like. For millions to see!

I know, I know, we've seen Lena's thighs before, but ... hey, the more we see #NoThighGap, the more the norm it should be. And the better we'll probably all feel killin' it in some short shorts, no matter the size or shape of our thighs!

What's your reaction to Lena's post? How do you feel about wearing shorts sans "thigh gap"?

Image via BxPix/Splash News

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