Nurse Gets Tear-Jerking Surprise When Formerly Paralyzed Patient Walks Into Her Arms (WATCH)

nurseGrab your tissues for this one! A nurse got the surprise of a lifetime when a former patient who had spent 11 days paralyzed from the waist down paid her a visit. The woman, Bailey, wheels up to her favorite nurse and then walks into her arms, giving her a warm embrace and a glimpse at what appears to be a miracle recovery. 


Warning: This will warm your heart!

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What an amazing moment to capture! You can truly see the concern and compassion this nurse has for her patient. From the sound of it, she was thinking of the young woman off-duty as well as she says "I prayed for you!"

Being a caregiver can often be a pretty thankless job, with a lot of routine work and not a whole lot of excitement. But we think this is a day this nurse will remember for the rest of her life. 

According to the video posted by Bailey's parents, her paralysis and her stunning recovery seem to have no explanation. What seems like a medical mystery has a happy ending and we're so glad we had a chance to witness it!

Have you ever experienced a medical miracle? 


Images ©michaeljung/shutterstock & via ramurrill/YouTube

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