Pot Brownies Can Be Amazing ... Until You Remember You’re a Mom

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For many people, thinking of pot use conjures up images of stoned college kids or bleary-eyed slackers, playing video games and eating Cheetos. But as marijuana laws loosen up around the country, more moms are making the choice to do a little herbal experimentation of their own. Read on to find out how some real moms feel about their recent adventure into the world of "special brownies."


We talked to several moms, fresh off a little "ladies weekend" that, for some, included a little pot brownie experimentation. Let's see how they liked it. Will pot brownies become the new glass of wine? 

1. "I tried a pot brownie for the first time when I was with some girlfriends on a trip to a pot-friendly state. It felt relaxing and silly, but I might have just been relaxed because I was out of the house and away from the kids, to be honest." -- Heather H.

2. "I just got back from a girl's weekend in Seattle, where we were offered several kinds of "special" baked goods, including gluten-free pot cookies (how nice that they were looking out for the gluten-free crowd). I tried half of a pot brownie, but I don't think I'd do it again. It turns out that I don't really like being high, and the brownie was only so-so, flavorwise. I think I'd rather have a GREAT brownie and a glass of wine." -- Jessa D.

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3. "Listen, we all joke about drinking wine to relax, so why is having a little enhanced baked good any different? I don't get high on a regular basis, though I probably would if it was legal in my state. I feel no guilt about being a 4/20 friendly mama!" -- Faith K.

4. "After living in a total hippie house in my 20s when we would 'wake and bake' on a regular basis, eating a pot brownie feels nostalgic. But these days I don't love being high. I do find it amusing to watch other people get high though, especially when my mom friends are cutting loose." -- Elizabeth A.

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5. "NEVER AGAIN! I tried a pot brownie for the first time recently and it hit me WAY too hard. I was paranoid and hungry the rest of the night. It was the opposite of relaxing!" -- Sarah F.

6. "I've tried pot brownies before and I would do it again, but only when I know I don't have to drive or do much parenting. It is fun, but not compatible with being useful!" -- Brandy L.

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