Britney Spears Has 2 Words for Fat-Shaming Jerk at Her Concert (VIDEO)​

britney spears vegasBritney's residency at the AXIS auditorium inside Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino can really only be described as a massive success. Perhaps it's a result of BritBrit seeming tremendously happy, healthy, and really at peace in her own skin these days. But even that can't stop the jerkbags! One in particular, it seems, who allegedly heckled the celeb mama as she opened "Til the World Ends" last night.


In a strange clip making its way around the web, you can vaguely make out someone saying "fat bitch," supposedly to which Brit -- on stage, with her back to the audience in the moment -- responded into her mic, "F***ing @**holes!" Um. Whoa!

See/hear for yourself.

Besides Brit's response, the most intelligible audio in the clip is a guy (the one in the foreground?) saying, "I think she heard me." Hmm. We're kinda scratching our heads about the logistics here. How'd Brit hear a guy that far back? Is it possible the clip was actually faked? I want to hear from an eye witness in the audience last night, darnit! Ha.

Regardless, I wouldn't doubt for a moment that Brit would respond to a heckler that way -- and if this all went down as it's being reported, BRAVO TO HER.

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Sure, that's some strong language to reach for, but so is vile name-calling and going for the other "F-word." It's like no matter HOW incredibly talented someone like Brit ... or Pink ... or Kelly Clarkson ... or Jessica Simpson ... or Kim Kardashian (ugh, why is this such a laundry list?!) is, no matter how damn hard they work, no matter how sexy/classy/glam they're done up, someone's going to be a jackass and bully them about their weight. It's not even that it's sexist, nasty, and cruel. It's also just freakin' TIRED.

So more power to Brit and all the celebs who are shutting that nonsense down, however they see fit. We've ALL had enough.

What's your reaction to this clip?


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