Nation's First Face Transplant Successful

face transplant, cleveland clinic, Maria Siemionow

Photo of Dr. Maria Siemionow courtesy of The Cleveland Clinic

A woman whose face was badly disfigured in an accident had the nation's first successful face transplant, announced today on CNN. She can smell, taste, move all of her muscles. Her family is thrilled that she has another shot at a normal life.


The surgery was completed two weeks ago at The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio by Dr. Maria Siemionow, a reconstructive surgeon. Now, after much planning and care, it looks like the transplant was a success. Details haven't yet been released about the recipient.

Siemionow is hopeful that this surgery will be a good option for burn victims and others who suffer with severe facial disfigurement. The procedure has been controversial in the past because it's not life-saving and involves much risk for the patient. But people with severe facial disfigurement go through many reconstructive surgeries to try to be normal again, and sometimes even those don't make them appear the way they did before. Facial transplants can really help those who are disfigured.

Granted, a gace transplant sounds very sci fi, but what do you think of the news of this face transplant?

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