New 'I Can't' ​Nike Ad Nails How We Feel About Working Out ... Almost (WATCH)

woman working outHave you ever taken a hot yoga class and thought if only you could catch your breath long enough to speak you'd ask the person next to you to dial 911? Well, you're not alone, and now Nike has released an ad that pays tribute to the hilarious inner thoughts of women who exercise -- reluctantly. 


The sportswear maker's latest campaign acknowledges that there are points in every workout where you just feel like giving up. Amen, Nike! Of course, in the ad, the women power through and complete their Pilates classes and half-marathons rather than ditching their exercise balls and heading to KFC for a bucket of deep-fried chicken. And, the Just Do It designer wants them to know they're better for it!

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We love that Nike is taking a light-hearted look at how difficult it can be to drag yourself to the gym, but we think the company could've taken it a bit further if it wanted to really get real.

Here are some of the darkest, craziest inner thoughts we've had while working out:

I think I just peed a little -- OK, a lot -- during that last jumping jack.

Is it wrong that my "intention" for this yoga class is to not fart louder than the old guy next to me?

I'm going to pretend I have no idea what I'm doing so that hot personal trainer will touch my arms again.

Should I fake a seizure to get out of this spin class or will the others see right through that?

If I just walk back and forth drinking water and waving at people on treadmills, that totally counts as a workout!

How much plumber's crack exposure is acceptable during downward facing dog?

If I don't die during this Zumba class, I'll be a better person, I swear.

I shouldn't push myself too hard today because I don't have time to shower before pick-up.

There's no way that trainer's boobs and butt aren't completely fake. Why am I even wasting my time here when I could be home watching a Real Housewives marathon?

If the instructor tells me to "Pedal faster!" one more time, I'm going to wait in the parking lot and back over her with my mini-van.

As soon as I get off this elliptical, I'm ordering Indian take-out and a Carvel cake.

What crazy thoughts have you had while exercising?

Images © Goran Bogicevic/shutterstock & NikeWomen/YouTube

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