One-Armed CrossFit Athlete Shows What Can Be Achieved When You 'Believe in Yourself' (VIDEO)

amputee does crossfit

It's challenging enough for anyone to work out consistently -- let alone commit to CrossFit, the uber-intense regimen that has its devotees constantly striving to surpass their personal best. Sounds tough, right? Now imagine completing those grueling WODs (Workout of the Day) with just one arm as fitness enthusiast Krystal Cantu does.


Two years ago Cantu had just begun pursuing the workout that's attracted a strong (pun intended) cult-like following when she was in a car accident. She lost her right arm as a result of the crash but the brave weightlifter hasn't let that stand in her way. Check it out:

Can you imagine having that strength -- both physically and emotionally!?! Equally impressive is her amazing attitude.

"If you want something in life, go for it," Cantu tells SELF. "I became a lot more determined after the accident."

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Amazing! While what happened to Cantu is devastating, her positive message is sure to inspire others facing similar challenges. 
"Great things will happen to you when you believe in yourself and your ability to achieve great things," she writes on her Instagram account. "Get out there and make it happen!" 
Amen! No more excuses, everyone.

Does Krystal Cantu inspire you to push yourself? If so, how? 

Images @ BarcroftTV/YouTube

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