18 Things Only 'Loud' Women Understand

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Listen up, ladies! If you happen to be the kind of outspoken, extroverted woman who is naturally kiiiind of a drama queen, who has no issue projecting, and who speaks at theatrical volumes by default, there's nothing to be ashamed of. And yet, annoyingly enough, I'll bet you've been reprimanded, or shushed by strangers (and friends!) far too many times, amiright?


It's time for payback. We outspoken females gotta stand proud! Here, 18 things only we "loud" women understand.

1. Like Beyonce, no one's EVER going to miss your arrival to a party ... or just, you know, whatever room it is you happen to have entered.

2. When you get fired up about something, people assume you're EXTREMELY ANGRY. Even if you're just ... super-excited! Or in Boss Mode, handling a situation a la Olivia Pope.

3. And/or they tell you to "calm down." (Excuse me?!)

4. If you're at a restaurant and your order comes out cold or totally wrong, you're just fine politely but assertively speaking up, thankyouverymuch.

5. It's pretty much impossible for you to successfully whisper a secret because, for some reason, other people still hear you ... What's up with THAT?

6. People may assume you're a "bitch" or "bossy."

7. ... "a showoff" or "a drama queen."

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8. You maaay have divulged an itsy bitsy too much. On more than one occasion. I mean, nobody's perfect!

9. On the other hand, it's not uncommon for you to pat yourself on the back when you stand up for yourself!

10. Unbelievable but true: Men have actually shushed you. Hmphh. You may be loud, but at least you're not a disrespectful, sexist jerk.

11. The way you express yourself (cue Madonna) has been called "inappropriate," "too much," "unbecoming," blah blah blah -- usually by someone whose judgments are exactly all of those things. Here's to hypocrites!

12. Whether giving a speech at a friend's wedding or trying out for a play, you've never been told to "project!" or "speak up!"

gatsby toast

13. Fail to get your questions answered in a meeting? #NotInaMillionYears

14. And you can play that "more volume = more intimidating" bit to your advantage when need be!

15. You're often surprised by people's reactions to your volume because, to you, it always seems normal.

16. You speak up without whispers, apologies, hesitations, and embarrassed giggles -- with PRIDE.

17. You may have actually put some practice into lowering your voice or talking less, especially in social situations in which you don't want to be harshly judged (see: first dates).

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18. And now, or at some point, you're just gonna be too damn old to care what people think and will confidently speak as LOUD as you please! Bring it!

If you, too, are an outspoken woman, what other experiences have you had that you'd add to this list?

only loud women understand

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