Workout with New Mom Gabrielle Reece

Gabby ReeceYou may have seen Gabrielle Reece recently on Rachel Ray. Or maybe you followed her pro volleyball, modeling or writing careers. Now Gabby is in mommy mode, and she's doing DVDs to keep pre- and post-natal women in shape. Plus, she's started Train 360, a complete online workout system that give you access to more than 300 short, daily workouts--for just $9.95.

As a longtime fan of all she's accomplished, I was excited to speak with her on the phone this week. Here is some info Gabby Reece wanted to share with CafeMoms.


Gabby ReeceCafe Kristen: Can you describe Train 360 in just two sentences?

Gabrielle Reece: Train 360 is for the woman who is overwhelmed, tired, hasn't been in sports for a while--or ever--but wants to workout. Time, money, room, and not knowing what to do keeps people from working out, and I want to help with that.

CK: What is so great about being able to workout at home with just an Internet connection?

GR: You can just go and do it right there. In the amount of time it would take you to go to and from the gym, you could be done. You just throw your hair in a ponytail and get going.

CK: What's your absolute favorite workout these days?

GR: I design my own workouts based on trainer Mike Monroe's workouts--he designs them for Train 360. Mine are a little bit longer and some of the exercises I do are a little more rigorous--you can really bust your hump in about 45 to 49 minutes. I love circuit training. And I try to workout with at least one friend. You can really work off each other's energy.

CK: What tips do you have for moms who really want to be active and fit, but who are pressed for time?

GR: You have to make it a priority, and you have to become very selfish about your exercise. Turn off the computer, television or tell your girlfriend you will call her back. At the end of the day, you'll be more productive, a better partner and more efficient if you exercise. Even if you only have 30 minutes, you'll get that time back in spades.

CK: Do you ever have days when you just don't feel like exercising? How do you get moving?

GR: I have days like that all the time. There were 5 nights in a row when I was traveling with my 11-month-old. I just modify it for those days and make sure I get breathing and moving.

In addition to Train 360, Gabrielle also did two pre- and post-natal workout DVDs that are approved by the American College of Obstetritions and Gynecologists (ACOG). Also, you can catch her on Rachel Ray on Dec. 22.

For more pre- and post-natal workouts, check out the private group Work It Out Sexy Mama.

Gabrielle certainly knows fitness, so I like hearing her advice. How do you feel about celebrity workout advice--love it or leave it?

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