​​11 Reasons to Celebrate Your Big, Awesome Thighs

woman with thick thighsIt's pretty clear that butts are all the rage. And while we're making it like all the booty hype is brand new, women's shapely bums have always had sex appeal, while other parts of our body have gotten the shaft. Like, thighs. Especially curvaceous, substantial, thick thighs. Unlike a big butt, where's the pride in having big thighs?


Well, believe it or not, ladies born with thick thighs needn't hang their heads in shame over "chub rub" or struggling to squeeze into skinny shorts every summer. As it turns out, those fuller legs are actually something to celebrate. Here, 11 surprising benefits of big thighs.

1. You look more polished in the summer. While women with slimmer thighs may be spending the hotter weather months in teeny shorts, you're drawn to supremely more stylish A-line sundresses or cool, linen pants. Fashion win.

2. Your fitspiration role models are the sexiest, most powerful around. Think Shakira, Beyonce, JLo, Serena Williams, Khloe Kardashian. Not waifish runway models.

3. You can have rocking lower body strength. The muscles in your legs are the biggest in the body, which means they could be (at least partially) to thank for those "thunder" thighs. (Let's take that nasty playground insult as a compliment now, eh?) Even if they're not, working on tightening and toning them will pay off. The more muscle on your body, the higher your metabolism, and the more fat you'll burn. Plus, who wouldn't want to be more adept at squatting, lifting, running, dancing, etc.? All perks of strong hammies and quads!

4. Speaking of squats ... A lot of women actually wish they had curvier legs, and thus do specific work at the gym to get what you've already got!

5. You may be at less risk for heart disease. Okay, so research shows the fat that accumulates in the thighs and booty is harder to shift than fat around your stomach, but it's actually better than having a pot belly, according to researchers from Oxford University. Fat around the waist (think apple shape) is thought to be more dangerous and raise risk of heart disease and diabetes.

6. ... and have healthier bloodwork to prove it! The same study found women with bigger thighs have lower levels of cholesterol and are more likely to produce hormones to metabolize sugar.

7. You were an early adopter of Spanx. Everyone and their mama may wear shapewear these days, but you probably jumped on the bandwagon way back, realizing that they'll not only smooth lumps and bumps but prevent chafing, too. Smartypants!

8. You own the vintage "wiggle" dress look. From Marilyn Monroe to Joan Holloway on Mad Men, women have been wearing curve-hugging dresses for decades, and the sexy style simply wouldn't work sans fuller thighs.

9. You can't help but have a more unique style. Whether you're tall, petite, or somewhere inbetween, having big thighs means having to go to throw in the towel on wearing a lot of the same cookie cutter clothes in major retail stores or having your tailor stored in your favorite contacts list! Either way, you're not going to look like everyone else -- which is something to cheer about.

10. You'll have less pain later in life. Researchers at the University of Iowa found that stronger thigh muscles can help protect women (not men!) from the pain of arthritic knees later in life. Hurrah!

11. And less risk of injury. No matter how "big" they are or how they rub together (thigh gap, be damned!), fit inner thighs mean a stronger core, which keeps your spine happy and wards off back injury!

12. You're in kick-ass company. What do snowboarders, surfers, climbers, long-distance runners all have in common? Bigger, muscular thighs, obvi. And they need them to cross those finish lines and take home medals. Now, how's that for something to be proud of?

What other perks of having big, strong thighs would you add?

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