We Love Reading Bad News Stories for a Really Good Reason

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Let's be honest. Which headline are you more likely to click on: "Woman Has Normal Day in Which Nothing Goes Wrong?" Or "Woman Truly Has THE Worst Day of Her Entire Life!" Yeah, we hear you. Embarrassing though it is to admit, we all gravitate towards train wreck news. But it's NOT because we're terrible people.


According to a new study, we humans are so averse to risk and harm that we unconsciously look for ways to avoid it. And we do that by inadvertently scanning the news for stuff that terrifies us. By reading about child abductions, fatal car crashes, house fires, and the like, our brains hope to figure out what we can do differently to stay safe.

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Here, some wacky but worthwhile lessons we've learned recently, thanks to the bad news we perused:

1. The stuff we keep in our closets isn't so freaky after all.

Haunted laptops that levitate, creepy dolls that make Chucky look like an American Girl doll, rare werewolf spirits... It's all up for sale on eBay, and it scares the crap out of us. BUT, it also makes us feel better about what we do having piling up in our own closets.

2. Getting tanked before a sexy movie is not a good idea.

When three women got sauced before a viewing of Fifty Shades of Grey, they brawled with another movie-goer, actually making him bleed. At the same showing, other women vomited in the aisles -- probably ruining the mood.

3. Open your next can of tuna fish carefully. (Or not at all.)

A woman in the U.K. opened a can of tuna fish to find a disturbing little creature in the can -- so disturbing it doesn't even look real -- staring back at her. Proceed with caution, tuna salad lovers.

4. Rooftop pools can ruin everything.

When the pool atop David Copperfield's (yes, that David Copperfield!) New York City penthouse apartment ruptured, multiple floors flooded, soaking all the floors and walls of his home. Good thing we don't have one!

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5. A tattoo chosen in the name of love isn't always lovable.

Because of the terrifying beheadings recently carried out by Syrian terrorist group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), no one's equating Isis with the Egyptian goddess. So when a Home Depot worker showed up for his shift with a tat of his girlfriend's name inside his lip, he was canned.

6. If you get away with robbery, don't brag about it online.

When five teenage girls in Michigan swiped the tip jar from their local Dairy Queen, they actually posted online video of themselves waving the stolen money around. Even less thought out? The caption, which read, "Robbed Dairy Queen tip jar."

7. There's really no need to leave your mark everywhere you go.

Because if you do -- like two 20-something Californian women did recently when they etched their names into the Roman Colosseum -- the whole world will be talking about how not-so-smart you are.

What's the last good 'life lesson' you learned from bad news?


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