Listen Up Ladies in Lululemon, 'Gandhi' Says You've Got No Idea What Yoga Even Is (VIDEO)

It seems like everyone is running around in yoga pants these days. Some of us because they're just plain comfy and others because ... well, duh, we're bonafide "yogis." We've got the Lululemon outfit, we are SO into hot yoga (the hotter the better!) and green drinks? Helloooo! Wouldn't start the day without one. That's what yoga is all about, right? 


You might think so these days. Yoga has become less of a lifelong spiritual practice and more of a social one. It's where all the cool moms meet. Not only that, but there's a lot of  moola in yoga -- it's become a $27 billion industry.

It's along that line of thinking that College Humor created this hilarious video on what would happen if Gandhi took a yoga class today:

Ironic isn't it?

This ancient mind-body practice -- which can be done alone at home while you're wearing sweats and a tee, by the way -- has gone all holier-than-thou trendy and corporate America-style.

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We love our comfy yoga pants, juice drinks, and hanging with friends as much as anyone, but yeah, we get the point.

Do you think yoga is a spritual practice or an exercise?


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