The 11 Irritating Co-Worker Behaviors That Annoy Us Most (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Mar 23, 2015 Healthy Living

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Whether they're borrowing your stapler and not returning it, wearing too much cologne, or "accidentally" eating the sandwich you placed in fridge, co-workers can definitely grate on your nerves. 

We asked women to share some of their colleagues' most annoying habits. Warning: Some will make you laugh while others will have you smacking your forehead in disbelief. Not surprisingly, many chose to remain anonymous as they revealed their colleagues' cringe-worthy quirks. 

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And if you don't work outside the home, you might suddenly be feeling very grateful for that! 

What are some of the most irritating habits your co-workers possess?

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  • Failing to Make a Fresh Pot


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    Drinking all the coffee and not bothering to make a new pot is the chief complaint of CafeMom member Almburr.

  • Spreading Germs


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    "We have an open office and one coworker refuses to cover his mouth when he sneezes or coughs. Several people have asked him to or why he doesn't and he says, 'It feels better just to let it fly' ... not so much when  saliva or snot is landing on people's necks!! Gross!" writes Janessa27, a CafeMom member.

  • Reheating Stinky Leftovers


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    "Re-heating really smelly foods in the microwave -- like shrimp," is CafeMom member Happinessforyou's biggest pet peeve. "The entire office stinks."

    CafeMom member Anonymous 16 agrees, "There used to be a woman who would microwave salmon for lunch every single day, stunk up the entire place, it just hung in the air. It had some kind of weird sauce on it that make the entire floor of our building smell like a junior high phys ed class, just awful, especially for the pregnant ladies, and since it was an office full of 99 percent women, someone was almost always pregnant."

  • Taking Personal Calls


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    "I have one coworker who is just awful. I work in a lab (big open space). He takes personal phone calls and f-ng screams into the phone," says Anonymous 21, a CafeMom member.

  • Being Negative


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    "Toxic, negative co-workers dragging everyone down with them," is the thing that annoys CafeMom member Anonymous 7 most.

  • Talking on Cell Phones


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    "When people stand outside my office door and talk on their phones ... do they not see me trying to work here? I can hear them ..." explains 2boys13, a CafeMom member.

  • Gossiping


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    "Gossip about management, co-workers, customers, etc. Always gossip," says Cafemom member Anonymous 1.

  • Wearing Noisy Jewelry


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    "This girl who used to work in my office wore like 4 Pandora bracelets and like 10 Alex & Ani bracelets so I'd have to listen to her jingling and jangling all day long. Drove me up a wall," notes CafeMom member Kwish0910.

  • Being Lazy


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    "... General laziness is frequent among my coworkers. It's aggravating," said a CafeMom member that_girl_kk.

  • Burping


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    "I have a coworker that thinks it's OK to burp out loud as long as he says excuse me and this same guy, also announces his burps and his lunch break daily," says CafeMom member Pinksunshine.

  • Coming in Late


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    "Coming to work late -- frequently" is one of the things CafeMom member Happinessforyou finds most irritating about her colleagues. 

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