Can’t Kick Your Nail-Biting Habit? We Finally Know Why!

biting nailsDo you bite your nails? Well congratulations, that means you're a perfectionist. But don't feel too good about that. Wait until you hear what they have to say about perfectionists.


Scientists at the University of Montreal say those little repetitive habits like biting your nails, picking your skin, and pulling your hair are linked with perfectionism, which they define as being "unable to relax and to perform at task at a 'normal' pace."

It's so weird that they put it that way, and not, like, "able to do everything the right way." Or, "able to do things better than everyone else does, which is why you end up doing everything yourself." Right?

Nope, you perfectionists are "prone to frustration, impatience, and dissatisfaction when they do not reach their goals." And you experience higher levels of boredom.

Wow, you're fun!

But wait, there's hope for you nail-biters. This study wasn't created just to make you feel less-than-perfect. (OMG, the nail-biting this study is going to induce ... ) The researchers say the key to kicking your "body-focused repetitive habits" is to get treatment for your frustration, boredom, and perfectionist beliefs.

Do you hear that? The key to quitting your nail-biting habit is to care less about being perfect! It's that simple!

(Or! How about this: Maybe everyone else in the world could raise their standards closer to your own and try to suck less. How about that?!? Hmmm???)

Say it with me now, "good enough, good enough, good enough, ommmmm." Could you say your ommmmm a little quieter, please? You're kind of doing this exercise with a little too much intensity. Now stop picking your scabs and focus. Hey! Are you getting bored? Focus!

Is this news at all helpful for kicking your nervous habits, or is it just, you know, frustrating?


Image via PathDoc/Shutterstock


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