11 'Healthy' Food Lies We're Just Not Buying (GIFS)

mom with daughter at grocery store"Just one more cupcake, bag of chips, trip to Starbucks, and then I quit," "I'm never eating sugar again," or "#Paleo4Life!" are the kinds of lies we tell ourselves about food all the time. But when the food industry tries to lie to us? Pfft, please! We're no fools.


Here, 11 of the most eye-rollingly ridiculous lies the food industry has tried to sell us that we're simply not buying.

1. "Coke is a healthy, 'portion-controlled' snack!" (Rrrrrright.)

2. "Reduced fat," "low-fat," "non-fat" foods will stave off fat!

3. "Yes, that 100-calorie snack pack will totally help you drop those pounds ... (Pay no mind to all that added sugar or HFCS.)"

4. "You should want to eat ALL THE WHOLE GRAINS! Because, health."

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5. "It's all-natural, therefore, it's FAR more nutritious!" (The fact is that there's absolutely no definition or regulation on this term, according to the Food and Drug Administration, so it means a whole bunch of nada.)

6. "Genetically-modified foods are perfectly safe!" (Except, no, not really. A French study published last year found that rats fed GMO corn had kidney, liver, heart, adrenal glands, spleen and hematopoietic system problems.)

7. "This is not junk food, because it is made with REAL FRUIT!" (Except that could mean fruit concentrate, puree, powder, or a sweetened form of the natural stuff. Awesome.)

8. "Look, Ma, no trans fats!" (The FDA currently allows any food with less than 0.5 grams of trans fats per serving to sport a label boasting "zero" grams of trans fat. But obviously half a gram of it is not equal to zero. If a food's ingredient list says "partially hydrogenated oil," "hydrogenated vegetable oil," or "shortening," you can be sure it has trans fat.)

9. "If it's gluten-free, it's definitely a health food!" (Actually, gluten-free means it's probably made with highly refined, high glycemic starches like corn starch, potato starch, tapioca starch, and possibly lots of sugar.)

10. "If you want to be more health-conscious, just drink diet soda!" (Nevermind that in a 14-year study of more than 66,000 women, researchers found that diet soda raised the risk of diabetes more than the sugar-laden variety. Other studies have shown diet soda slows your metabolism, makes you hungry for sugar and carbs, and encourages you to put on belly fat.)

11. "Don't worry, it's just evaporated cane juice!" (Not sugar.) Which is a lot like, "It's just hydrolyzed vegetable protein!" (Not MSG.)

Which of these food lies are you the most irritated by?


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