6 Reasons Your Smartphone Is Bad for You (Yes, You on the Smartphone!)

busy mom on phone

If you're like most moms, your smartphone functions as your second brain. You rely on it to tell you where your tween is, remind you what to pick up from the store, alert you that it's time to put the chicken in the oven, and check to make sure you don't have lipstick on your teeth. Our phones keep us hyper-connected to all kinds of info -- but they're also making us more stupid, accident-prone, and likely to be as hunched over one day like Igor in Young Frankenstein. What?!


Here, a few good reasons moms especially should step away from our smartphones.

1. You won't think so good no more.

Your kid asks you what the capital of Oklahoma is. Without a second thought (and that's the problem), you whip out your smartphone and Google it. Bad move, mom. New research shows that turning to our phones for answers rather than trying to suss them out ourselves (Tulsa? Edmond?) is making us lazy thinkers. And what kind of example is that setting for our kids? (The answer, FYI, is Oklahoma City. Saved you from Googling!)

2. You're hurting your spine.

Carrying a baby doesn't do your hips and back any favors, but that's pain we're more than willing to deal with. But the tightness (and bad posture) that comes from hunching over a smartphone? Totally avoidable. And we'd rather not deal with pinched nerves and disc herniation in the long run.

3. You're annoying a LOT of people.

It's so easy to snap a selfie to document where you are. Right. This. Second. But where does the madness end? One day you're getting a mani-pedi with your daughter. The next you're standing in the middle of say, the Tour de France, with 200 bicyclists pedaling straight towards you, or causing pandemonium because you stopped to selfie-snap mid-marathon. Just ... no.

4. You're more likely to fall on your face.

Sure, you can change a diaper one-handed while also wiping your toddler's nose and singing the theme song to Blue's Clues. But walking while texting or talking on your smartphone? Not a great idea. In fact, ER visits have doubled since 2005 because of it.

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5. You're upping your chances of a car wreck.

Phone use is now responsible for 26 percent of all car wrecks. Five percent of those involve texting. Twenty-one percent of crashes are because the driver was chatting -- and sometimes on a hands-free device, so don't assume your Bluetooth is any better.

6. Who knows where you might end up?

You might want to rethink that map app. One trusting Belgian woman relied on GPS to direct her to Brussels, just 90 miles from her hometown. She ended up over 900 miles away in Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia. Her explanation for not pulling over? She was, um, "distracted." Uh, let us refer you back to #1 again. In case you already forgot ... 

Could you survive without your smartphone?


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