Easiest Way Ever to See Yourself Skinny

before after

Photo courtesy of Weightview

If there's something you really need to do today, and you don't feel like doing it, click here. Upload a photo, tell this easy little program how many pounds you want to lose, and then see a photo of yourself thin. I like to do this while eating a Snickers.

A new application on Facebook, Weightview, takes a fat photo and makes it skinny.

Some of us want to lose the real thing. Like, actual pounds. Here are real tips for staying on the weight loss track from Weightview.


Be graphic. Check out the skinny you. Upload a photo on Facebook, see what you look like a few pounds lighter, and hopefully, you'll feel inspired. Start slow. Remember that taking one small weight loss step is better than doing nothing at all. Go for a 10-minute walk or simply opt for an apple instead of chips.

Find strength in numbers. Team up with buddies. Make a pact with an online friend to eat a healthy salad instead of pasta. Or, hey, if you chow on a burrito as big as your head, share your feelings about it with a like-minded friend. Check out the CafeMom group Diet & Fitness Buddies, a really cool circle of supportive moms. Friend TwinmomPlus, group owner of Why Weight?--she'll keep you in shape with her whacking stick posts, meant to get us all back on the diet track.

Get smart. Surround yourself with information to help you achieve your goals. Check out the calorie counting website, The Calorie Counter. Or pick up a copy of the book Eat This, Not That--this book is more addictive and less fattening than double vanilla latte.

Check out your skinny photo. This is especially helpful to get you back on track if you pull an Oprah (i.e., fall off the weight loss wagon).

What are your favorite weight loss tools? Do you sometimes spend way too much time on cool websites?

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