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Adriana Velez | Mar 10, 2015 Healthy Living

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You've gotta love oxytocin -- A.K.A. the "love drug." Whether you're falling in love with our spouse or your baby, it fills you with a wonderful sense of well being. And! We've just discovered another benefit: Apparently oxytocin can help control your appetite.

In an experiment, men given a nasal spray containing oxytocin before breakfast ate 122 fewer calories and 9 grams less fat than men given a placebo. They also used more of their body fat as fuel. Researchers aren't sure how it works, exactly. The oxytocin-enhanced men didn't report a noticeable loss of appetite.

It's food for thought, though. While pharmaceutical companies rush to get oxytocin nasal sprays on store shelves, would it be so bad if we found ways to give ourselves natural doses of the stuff? I think we could be pretty creative about it. Here's a few suggestions.

What do you like to do to give yourself an oxytocin boost?


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  • Have All of the Awesome Sex All the Time


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    Having an orgasm will give you a surge of oxytocin, so see if you can set a record. 

    Not in the mood? Well, we spend much of our time here researching and writing about all the ways you can have better sex. Here are just a few ideas to getting you going:

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  • Group Hug, Everyone


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    Sex not in the cards? Other forms of affectionate human contact will release the oxy, too. Go ahead -- find out how much hugging is too much hugging for your kids!

  • Smell Other People's Newborn Babies


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    That is, if you don't have one of your own at the moment. Find subtle ways to lean in and inhale that warm baby smell. Just do it when the baby's parents aren't looking.

  • Flirt With Your Kids' Hot Swim Teacher


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    I'm not recommending a full-blown affair. Just a little shoulder touching, eye-batting, and hair-tossing will do the trick. It's worth embarrassing your kids. Who are standing right there.

  • Volunteer as a Wet Nurse


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    Do people still do that? How do you sign up? Because when you lactate, you also burn mad calories.

  • See 'Fifty Shades of Grey'


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    Again. Or read the book again.

  • Binge-Watch Funny Cat Videos


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    Or whatever makes you LOLLLL. Laughter releases oxytocin, so there's a legit reason to waste time doing that. Did I say waste? I meant -- wisely spend. It's an investment in you. And hopefully a smaller pair of jeans, too!

  • Go Play With Your Sex Toys


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    After all, it's sex with someone you love!

  • Fantasize Doing a Good Deed


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    Did you know, imagining yourself doing an act of service can release happy hormones? But without your actually having to lift a finger on anyone's behalf. It's a win-wi -- okay, it's not a win-win. But it's halfway there.

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