Your iPhone Could Help Cure Diabetes & Parkinson's Disease

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Look out fitness and health enthusiasts! Apple is upping its game with their new ResearchKit program, which works with Apple's HealthKit and other health apps. Let's get our healthy on for all the future humans! *Chugs a full bottle of water in order to keep her brain fully moist and her skin lustrous*. 


Apple announced that starting next month health researchers across the globe can gain access to the stats recorded in your phone's various fitness and health apps. Then, science can use that info in their studies! Of course, they can only do this with your consent and why wouldn't you say yes?! 

Scientists and researchers are already eager to get going. They have created apps for patients with Parkinson's and also patients with Diabetes that are ready to go. It's pretty sensational to think that we can actively contribute towards finding cures for illnesses without doing anything other than clicking a button and moving our butts. There are so many apps that exist to get us healthy. It's very cool to think that now as we reap their benefits we can help researchers make that possible for everyone. 

If you're anything like me, you already rely on all matter of devices designed to help you track and manage your fitness and health. I've got a FitBit to log my steps, another great app that comes up with perfect running playlists based on your target heartrate. This HealthKit idea seems like a logical next step. It could really help not just the researchers, but also patients manage their illnesses with greater ease. And making fitness and health easy and fun for all? That's kind of the greatest.   

Would you opt in to HealthKit?


Image via Phil Roeder/Flickr 

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