Lea Michele's 'Favorite' Lunch Looks Like a Bunch of Baloney (PHOTO)

lea michele instagramWe've long known Gwyneth Paltrow isn't the only Hollywoodite hell-bent on raising eyebrows over her bizarro, healthy-with-a-question-mark eating habits. (Maybe just the most notorious.) But from the looks of Instagram, another Glee star is throwing her hat in the ring to win prize for craziest diet confession.


Lea Michele took a snap of her "favorite lunch," and it certainly has tongues clucking. Apparently, the triple threat's most beloved mid-day meal consists of ... well, take a look.

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Lea Michele has been super-vocal about being a vegan for a long time now, so it's no surprise that the plate is 100 percent plant-based. But is that really ... lunch?

The hummus (probably about two tablespoons, which is a normal serving size) is anywhere from 50 to 70 calories. (It's also the only real source of protein on her plate, and a sad one at that, providing just 2 grams per serving.) Beets are 60 calories for a cup, and that looks like at the most just half a cup, so say another 30 calories. Tabbouleh is roughly 200 calories a cup, but Lea's portion appears to be only half of that, so say 100. Her green juice has at the most 134 calories (if she drank the whole thing).

So, all said and done, her lunch could add up to roughly 334 calories. (But again, where's the protein?)

That's pretty reasonable, especially when you're tiny, and thus, you're probably supposed to hit no more than 1,200 to 1,500 calories total a day (depending on how much exercise you're getting). But I'm still calling her bluff. That is no one's ultimate, favorite lunch.

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I'm not saying you can't LOVE healthy food, or that the only meals that deserve to be "favorites" are burgers and pizza. I love me all manner of leafy greens, squash, protein-packed legumes, avocado, fruit, etc. A big salad with lots of colorful veg and fruit and perfectly seasoned lean protein can be amazing!

But this "meal" looks less like something you'd take joy in and more like a what you'd choose if you were on an at least slightly restrictive, very controlled plan, because you're an actress who everyone expects to fit into a size 00. And that's fine, but don't hide that fact.

OR, to be fair, it may be more of a snack-sized lunch, because she eats smaller meals more frequently -- which has plenty of benefits, like keeping blood sugar stable -- as opposed to three conventional, "square" meals. And if that's the case, cool. Either way, it would be helpful for her to be a bit more forthcoming, lest her fans (the younger ones, in particular) see this and take away a possibly problematic message.

What do you think about Lea's "lunch"?


Image via Lea Michele/Instagram

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