Women Put Pen to Underwear for a #BriefMessage About Violence (PHOTOS)

brief message hearts beatAhead of International Women's Day, contemporary Italian artist aleXsandro Palombo -- who has previously used his art to speak out on breast cancer awareness, domestic violence, World AIDS day, and celebrity worship -- has created an incredible campaign to take a stand against violence against women. Entitled #BriefMessage, Palombo has compiled photographs of, well, briefs ... displaying very powerful, personal messages.


Palombo asked women all over the world to weigh in by writing a message that speaks out against violent against women on a pair of underwear. The messages could be in any langauge and just about anything, but he asked that they take a photo of themselves with the briefs. The result? Poignant words and images we won't soon be able to forget.

Here, a few amazing examples ...

brief message

brief message 2

brief message 3

brief message 4

brief message 5

Clearly, these women had no lack of powerful, albeit concise statements to display on these briefs! (You can check out the entire series on Palombo’s website.) And thank goodness for that, and for Palombo's campaign. These women's words are exactly what we need to be talking about and sharing with one another.

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Because while these messages may be representative of one woman's experience and beliefs, they're also reflective of a global issue it's high time we put a stop to.

What would you write on a pair of briefs as part of this campaign?


Images via Alexsandro Palombo

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