Viral '#DearMe' Video Gets Women Talking to Their Younger Selves

#dearme videoIf you could write a "video letter" to your younger self, what would you say? What warm words of wisdom or reassurance would you bestow? That's the question YouTube asked women. And within an hour of the question being posed, the hashtag #DearMe became a trending topic on Twitter -- in the U.S. and worldwide -- and the empowering, beautiful, tearjerking, poignant responses poured in.


The promo was launched in honor of International Women's Day, which is this coming Sunday, March 8 and was modeled after the #ItGetsBetter campaign, which you may recall started in 2010 in response to suicides of teenagers who were bullied because they were gay.

Featuring top stars like Michelle Phan, Grace HelbigHannah Hart, Laci GreenIssa Rae and Lilly Singh (aka Superwoman), the video will have you laughing, smiling, and maybe even shedding a tear. Check it out.

If only our younger selves could have been privy to all this brilliant advice! But wait -- that's the beauty of this. Even though we can't really travel back in time to talk to our less mature and enlightened selves, younger women are seeing this, and with hope, it's inspiring them to feel a bit more confident and comfortable in their own, unique, gorgeous skin.

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If you want to get involved in the campaign, you can upload to YouTube, or post a GIF to their Tumblr page at

What would advice would you give to your younger self?


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