Lower Flu Risk & 8 Other Surprising Benefits of Getting Old

woman with flu

Finally, there's a bit of scientific evidence that suggests that for once you're better off being a grownup! Researchers found that adults only catch the flu once every five years, while kids often come down with the dreaded illness just about every other year. If you've been thinking that it's all downhill as you get older, think again. There's definitely other upsides to aging besides this awesome flu perk: For example: 


The older you get the less you ....

Have to tell your friends you're not pregnant simply because you turned down a cocktail.  

Have to listen to annoying catcalls. Because we all know how much that sucks. 

Have to pay crazy high premiums for car insurance. Auto insurance premiums decrease by up to 15 percent for women over the age of 25, according to Cars Direct.

Have to worry about fashion. Be comfortable and embrace those big white sneakers and fanny packs!

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Care about getting new wrinkles. Well, except if you are Madonna.

Have to pay a fortune for movie and theater tickets. AARP also offers a wide range of discounts to its members over 50. 

Care about offending people. (I'd like to point to my grandmothers, who'd routinely shout at strangers at Bingo as Exhibits A & B.) 

What are you most looking forward to when it comes to aging? 

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