The Best Workout Motivation We’ve Found Yet -- Free Stuff!

helly hansen this is my style

What would it take to motivate you to start running again? Maybe some FREE cute, colorful leggings -- designed by you! That's the carrot athletic wear company Helly Hansen is dangling for women through their app This Is My Style.


Here's how it works. The app tracks how you run, your distance, duration, and pace. Then, it uses that data to create a pattern. The more you run using the app, the more colors you unlock. And then you can further customize the color and pattern of your tights.

How do you get your free tights? You submit your design to a gallery to be voted on. You can win that and other prizes by participating. And you can submit as many designs as you want. BUT, the contest ends April 9, so don't sit on that New Year's resolution much longer.

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What a clever way to motivate those of us who love both fitness and fashion!

I downloaded the app to check it out. It looks pretty simple to use -- just click "Start Running" when you're ready and go.

helly hansen

After I finished running my results were logged and voilà, magically transformed into this lovely design.

helly hansen tights design

Here's the edit page. As you can see, I'll need to run more before I can unlock more patterns and colors.

helly hansen tights design

NOW, the big question for those of us still getting dumped on by Old Man Winter is, will this track your running on the treadmill? Nope. A Helly Hansen tells me the app is designed to work outdoors, not indoors. That makes using this app in March a bit challenging for those of us who are less intrepid about running in all weather.

I've been managing to fit in an outdoor run here and there, on clear days above 30 degrees. Otherwise I'm indoors on the treadmill. So here's hoping the weather cooperates for me and everyone else trying to get a jump on spring!

Is this running/design app something you'd try out?


Image via Helly Hansen/YouTube

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