11 'Fat Day' Fixes Women Swear By

Maressa Brown | Feb 27, 2015 Healthy Living

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No matter how confident and upbeat a person you may be, we all have days when we're feeling, simply put, "fat" or "ugly." Facebook knows this full well, and has even included "feeling fat" and "feeling ugly" under the preprogrammed status options. Honest, sure, but not exactly body positive.

So, cheers to the young activists from Brighton, England -- 22-year-old Charlotte and 21-year-old Vicky -- who recently launched a petition on Change.org that asks Facebook to “remove the body-shaming ‘I Feel Fat’ & ‘I Feel Ugly’ status options and emoticons from all versions of Facebook."

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Something we can all get behind, because let's face it: There are far better strategies for deal with your fat or ugly day than by posting about it on social media. Here, 11 easy, effective ways -- some even science-proven! -- that help women cope.

How do you handle your worst "fat/ugly days"?


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  • Work Out


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    Going to the gym may be the last thing you feel like doing when you're feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, but it will definitely work. A study from the University of Florida found doing virtually any type of exercise, on a regular basis, will help people feel better about their body.

  • Eat Chocolate


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    Sometimes, you just have to blow off that nasty inner voice and indulge. "Chocolate makes me happy," confesses Tymsi P. from Chicago, Illinois. "Chocolate doesn't criticize, it understands. It says, 'This too shall pass.'" And oh, yeah, it also boosts endorphins to improve your mood, too.

  • All Black Everything


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    More than a couple of women swear by this "fat day" fix: Make like Kanye and put on black from head to toe. Or, okay, maybe just your fave LBD. It'll have you feeling more chic and svelte in a flash.

  • Slap on Some Lipstick


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    Women swear that putting on a lipstick hue they love -- particularly a bright one! -- is an instant body confidence booster. And research proves it: In a study by Procter & Gamble, researchers from Harvard and Boston University found that women felt more confident while wearing makeup, which included lipstick.

    Your self-perception isn't the only thing that shifts: Women wearing color cosmetics were also perceived as more competent and reliable by others.

  • Get a Massage


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    Women receiving a massage reported feeling better about their bodies than women who did not, according to a study published in the journal Body Image. No wonder Caitlin F. from New Jersey swears by "a pedicure with an extra 10-minute foot massage!"

    Experts aren't too surprised by this, given that touch is associated with the release of feel-good endorphins.

  • Pull Yourself Together


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    Lots of women swear that getting squeaky clean helps. "I take a hot shower with my favorite good shampoo (Biolage or Kiehl's), face wash (Aveda), and bath gel (something tropical or floral, usually)," shares Kate Knox from New Jersey.

    When you get out of that shower, don't forget a spritz of perfume and/or deodorant. Among a group of people who judged themselves to be heavier than they actually were, applying deodorant improved the accuracy of their self-assessment, according to a recent study in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science. Researchers explained that swiping on the deodorant strengthened the subjects' self-assurance and body image. How easy is that!?

  • Have a Dance Party


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    More than a few women say they tackle feeling "fat" or "ugly" head-on with an impromptu dance party! "Those days are tough to get through, but music gets me in a better mood and gets my mind off the negative," says Gina G. from Chicago, Illinois. Her fave: Showtunes.

    "On my 'fat' days, I put on headphones and gyrate around the house to music that pumps me up and gets me moving," notes Roberta S. from Bowling Green, Kentucky. On her playlist? Iggy Azalea, Beyonce, and Katy Perry. 

    Turns out, listening to music that has a lot of heavy bass makes you feel more powerful, according to Northwestern University researchers. Even more reason to crank "Bootylicious" up!

  • Listen to Your Heartbeat


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    Researchers note that seeing your body as an object lend itself to negativite self-assessment -- aka being your own worst hater. The fix: Try listening to your own heartbeat, which helped women feel better about their bodies in a study published in the journal PLOSOne.

  • Flirt With Your Man


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    Surely, spending quality time with your guy and hearing him tell you that you're beautiful won't hurt, but try flirting, too. Psychological studies show that flirting can make us feel better about ourselves. Talk about a win-win!

  • Do Your Hair


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    Probably in the same way that putting on deodorant helps, so too will giving yourself -- or, hey, maybe even going to the salon for -- a blowout! "Getting my hair done or doing my hair always helps me," says India W. from Silver Spring, Maryland.

  • Goshdarnit, Swear!


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    When in doubt, just say, "F*** it!!!" No, seriously. Science actually shows benefits of swearing include increased circulation, elevated endorphins, and an overall sense of calm, control, and well-being.

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