11 'Fat Day' Fixes Women Swear By

Maressa Brown | Feb 27, 2015 Healthy Living

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No matter how confident and upbeat a person you may be, we all have days when we're feeling, simply put, "fat" or "ugly." Facebook knows this full well, and has even included "feeling fat" and "feeling ugly" under the preprogrammed status options. Honest, sure, but not exactly body positive.

So, cheers to the young activists from Brighton, England -- 22-year-old Charlotte and 21-year-old Vicky -- who recently launched a petition on Change.org that asks Facebook to “remove the body-shaming ‘I Feel Fat’ & ‘I Feel Ugly’ status options and emoticons from all versions of Facebook."

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Something we can all get behind, because let's face it: There are far better strategies for deal with your fat or ugly day than by posting about it on social media. Here, 11 easy, effective ways -- some even science-proven! -- that help women cope.

How do you handle your worst "fat/ugly days"?


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