Hilarious 'PMS' Music Video Shows Just How Evil That Time of the Month Is (VIDEO)

Blame it on too much junk food or not enough yoga, but most women know the feeling of fighting off seriously awful PMS. Whether it's the cramps, the cravings, the irritable moods, who needs it?! Ugh! But hey, at least we can laugh about it! Or at least that's what a Korean pop star named Lizzy wants us to do, judging from her new music video -- a hilarious collaboration with comedian Myeong-Su Park.


Check it out.

So funny, because it's SO TRUE. How many times have you felt like sweets are launching themselves at you from the refrigerator shelves?! Or like smashing all the dishes in your sink, cuz you just have zero tolerance. Ahhh, PMS is such a sneaky devil.

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But as comical as this is, it also has a pretty empowering message: that you can totally go to battle with and beat it. Lizzy does it with some sort of prescription, which sure, is an option for some women, but it's not the only one. Tweaking your diet or lifestyle even in small ways (reducing sugar, getting more low-impact aerobic exercise) can do wonders for quashing whatever PMS symptoms stalk you monthly.

Or you can just shoot lasers out of your hands at whoever's exacerbating your symptoms. Cuz being a woman has it drawbacks some day, sure, but it also gives us superpowers.

What do you think about this music video? How do you handle your PMS symptoms?



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