Forget CrossFit, Drinking Breast Milk Is the Latest Fitness Trend​

breast milk

If you're a mom who's producing more breast milk than your baby needs, here's something new you can do with it: sell your breast milk to bodybuilders. One Michigan mom of three named Lisa Carbonneau is reportedly making about a dollar an ounce for it on Craigslist.




According to fans of this odd trend, breast milk is akin to the "ultimate supplement," full of nutrients and protein that not only builds strong babies but whopping muscles, too.

Fine, it's easy to go "Ewwww!" or just blow this off as total bunk. Still, if you've got a surplus supply and people are willing to pay, why not take them up on it?

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Think about it: for many stay-at-home moms, particularly with three kids, it's hard to make an extra buck. And even if the bodybuilders aren't getting any real benefits, that's true for many of the crazy things they'll try to add some extra muscle. Why is this the mom's problem?

Human milk banks, meanwhile, typically only accept donated breast milk, which leaves moms to donate out of the goodness of their hearts. Which is fine, but what if she's strapped for cash or wants to start filling Junior's college fund? Can you blame her for selling to the highest bidder?

I say that as long as the breast milk is not harming these bodybuilders, let them buy, and allow moms to make some money on the side. Anyone who's ever strapped themselves to a breast milk pump knows it's hard work -- you may as well get paid for it.

Would you sell your breast milk?


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