10 Horrible Trends We Probably Started Because We Were Ovulating

10 Horrible Trends We Probably Started Because We Were Ovulating

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All right, bear with us here. We're going to get a little science-y on you. According to a new study, when we're about to ovulate, our decision-making skills get a little wonky. We don't want just one thing. We want many things. And well, they might not necessarily be good things....

According to a new study from the University of Texas at San Antonio College of Business, we're hardwired to seek more dating options when we're most fertile -- and that same instinct leads us to seek a greater variety of products and services.

In other words (our words, not the researchers): for one week every month, we're marketers' bitches.

The study didn't focus on the poor decision-making we women can make when they're on a hormone-fueled shopping binge, but we'll go there. After all, anyone who bursts into tears at a Budweiser commercial, feels compelled to eat directly from a container of ice cream, or has a sudden desire to watch back-to-back episodes of Full House while PMS-ing is probably not going to um, think so good if they hit the mall.

In fact, we are willing to bet that the following heinous trends were borne only because ovulating women bought into them. Next month (and the month after that, and the month after that...) let's all keep our wallets in our purses.

Admit it. Have you ever bought #6? What other trends should go on this list? 


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