Men With Small Penises Celebrate Big

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A man in London is giving new meaning to the popular phrase, "Pip, pip, cheerio." Tired of feeling frustrated and self-conscious that his penis is smaller than average, he's taking a different tack: Trying to celebrate his size. And to do so, he's throwing himself -- and any other men who are similarly underendowed -- a "Big Small Penis" party.


Ant Smith, 48, the party's planner, told that he's always felt uncomfortable about the size of his penis. He says he's about 4 inches erect, while the average penis size of British men is between 5.5 to 6.3 inches.

(Since now you're wondering -- because we were -- the average American penis size is 5.6 inches.)

Smith credits his wife of 17 years with helping him come to terms with his body image. So much so that two years ago, Smith wrote a poem -- "Shorty" -- about his "crooked little finger," which he began performing at open mic nights around London. He was surprised at the handshakes and thanks he received from other men afterward. And unexpectedly, Smith found himself on an earnest campaign to abolish penis size anxiety.

Some documentaries that have addressed this issue "take a very 'Oh my god I have this problem how do I fix it' sort of approach. And that's fundamentally misguided," Smith explained to "We actually need to be taking the 'we are what we are, let's celebrate diversity' approach."

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The "Big Small Penis" party aims to encourage people to celebrate what Smith refers to as "tiny todgers, compact cocks, wee willies, mini members, and dinky dicks." The cabaret extravganza will include musicians, comedians, and even "London's finest naked poets."

Men will pay only 50 pence (about 77 cents) per penile inch to attend the March 9 party, and women are welcome, too.

"I do think humor is a great healer," Smith said. "So I'll just say, 'keep laughing.'"

Do you think penis size matters more to men than to women?

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