Woman Gets New Vagina, Thanks to Medical Advances ... and a Pig!

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Imagine if your vagina was so narrow that sex was impossible -- let alone getting an annual exam from your gyno. That was really the case for an unidentified woman in the Czech Republic. But lucky for her, doctors didn't just expect her to live with her painful and embarrassing condition but pioneered a novel way to give her a brand new vagina.


According to European news reports, the woman suffered from scleroderma, a rare and chronic autoimmune disease that causes severely hardened, thickened skin. Blood vessels and internal organs can be affected, too. And in the case of this particular woman, it caused her vaginal entrance to become so narrow that, well, not much was going on.

Medications didn't help, so eventually the woman was referred to University Hospital in Plzen, a town in the Czech Republic. Surgeons there (who admitted that female patients usually come in with the opposite problem) decided to perform a procedure called a Mesh Augmented Vaginal Reconstruction.

Although this surgery is used to treat urinary incontinence, doctors hoped it could help this woman, too. During a one-hour operation, they surgically enlarged the narrowed area, then used mesh to widen the walls of her vagina.

Weirdly, the mesh was made from pigs' intestine. But apparently, because pig tissue shares the same genetic make-up as human, it's safely used for a number of medical purposes. And once human tissue heals, the pig tissue is simply absorbed into the body.

Some online outlets have focused on (or snickered at) the pig intestine thing, but we think this woman's recovery and second chance of having a normal life is what's important here. After leaving the hospital five days after her surgery, she's apparently doing great.

Because her body needs to heal, it'll be quite some time before she can have an active sex life again. (Two years -- gulp.) But she's "very happy now," her surgeon, Dr. Vladimir Kallis, told The Mirror. "Basically, she feels like a woman again."

So, no Charlotte's Web jokes, okay?

Do you know anyone living with slceroderma?

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