6 Signs You're in Desperate Need of a Nap​

woman falling asleep with coffee cup

As a mom, of course you feel guilty about shutting out the world for a much-needed nap. Sleep feels like a luxury, after all -- not a privilege. But according to a new study published in the Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM), shutting your eyes for just 30 minutes will revive you far more than you think. HEY -- WAKE UP AND READ THIS!


It's well-established that a poor night's sleep wreaks havoc on your body, setting you up for obesity, high blood pressure, depression, and even diabetes. So it's suRprising -- and a relief -- that researchers found a short nap relieved stress and boosted immunity in men who had only slept two hours the night before. (Does that mean it's double for women? That's how I'm choosing to interpret it...)

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In other words, sleep = magic.

If that's still not enough to make you drop on the couch -- now! -- and give 30, here are some other signs you're in desperate need of a nap:

1. You're falling into your food rather than eating it.

baby falling asleep while eating

2. Your workouts are suffering.

girl falling off bouncy ball

3. You're convinced your laptop is giving off sleep vapors.

bunny falling over at laptop

4. Coffee works so ineffectively that it actually enrages you.

will ferrell spit take

5. "Bedhead" is your hairstyle. SO WHAT!

david bowie

6. This is how you feel (and look) when you learn it's not bedtime yet.

funny monster


How often do you make time to nap?

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