The Obesity Tax on Soft Drinks

coke, pepsi, soft drinkNext time a New Yorker buys a Coke or Pepsi, she might have to pay an extra tax, too.

Kind of like a cigarette user has to pay tax on a pack of smokes, a person who drinks a regular--not diet--soft drink would have to pay an obesity tax on high-calorie soft drinks.


Already, many states collect sales tax on soft drinks, sweets and snacks while other foods are tax exempt. But New York would be the first to distinguish between diet and non-diet foods, according to a story on

Why target soft drinks? They are the single largest source of calories consumed by Americans, according to a 2005 study from the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Meanwhile, the American Beverage Association says that lack of exercise and other factors have caused our high obesity rates.

For more info on high-cal drinks, check out my recent post on 20 Drinks That Totally Wreck Your Diet.

What do you think about this obesity tax on soft drinks? Is it a good idea or just too much taxation?

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