Your Nickname: What Does Your Boo Call You?

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What are you and your husband's/significant other's nicknames for each other?

I realized that my DH called me Pumpkin Butt when my toddler daughters started calling me that. My pet name for my man is Honey, and that's what the girls call him, too.

When I read this Question, What does your DH/SO call you? in the Relationships section, I smiled. What does your boo call you?


Here are a few answers from CafeMoms:

"At home he calls me Honey, Sweetie, Weezie, Stefi, Wifey, Woman (a nick-name from college)." --Lovingmamma2

"My husband calls me Baby Girl to my face, and Marlye to his friends. I'm sure he's called me other names too, LOL."--MarlyeGirl

"Most of the time he calls me Wife-bend, or if he's being really silly, Gorgeous George. We both call each other, I Love You. For instance, if I notice on caller ID that it's him, I'll answer, 'Hi, I Love You. How is your day going?'" --TeaAnderson

"Kellybear, and he is Mattbear and my son is Bobbear." --Keyaziz

What does your DH/SO call you?

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