Mom Shocked With News She’s Dying Despite 25 Doctor Visits in a Year

A mother of two may die within six months because doctors failed to diagnose her lung cancer despite 25 visits to them over the course of a year. Kim Major first went to the doctor in 2013 when she began experiencing headaches, dizziness, coughing, and chest and neck pain. A year later, doctors finally picked up on the fact that she had lung cancer, but by this point, it had spread to her lungs, brain, and liver.


Major, 48, who lives in Surrey, England, did what people are supposed to do when they go to a doctor and don't get any relief: She went again. And again. And again. In fact, she went 25 times. Once she was told she had a virus. Another time, that she had "anxiety."

She was never checked for cancer, until it was too late.

Major told the Mirror:

I’m 48, I pay my taxes and I go to work. I just feel totally ­abandoned by the people I should have been able to trust to care for me. It’s just so awful for the family, it’s ripped our hearts out.

Now the cancer has spread and Major feels like she has a "death sentence," though she is receiving chemotherapy. She says her 13-year-old son said to her, "You're going to fight, aren't you?"

Unfortunately, the signs of cancer are often the same signs of numerous other medical conditions, from the serious to the totally treatable. That's why it's so imperative to get second and even third opinions if you feel you're not getting the help you need. But that didn't save Major. How many more times could she possibly have gone to the doctor?

Doctors are not Gods, nor are they infalliable. Misdiagnoses can and do happen. (Don't get me started on the time I was told at a world-renowned hospital that I had a venereal disease when in fact I had a swollen lymph node. For the record, I do not have VD!)

But at 25 times, someone should have thought "Cancer!" I mean, that's what all of us ordinary folk normally think when we have some weird thing that won't go away, why not a doctor?

We've all heard the horror stories about long waits to see doctors in England, but that doesn't sound like what happened here, unless Major was forced to stick with the same doctor at the surgery center where she went.

It's not clear how many different doctors Major saw or if she tried a different clinic. She appears to be suing two different centers.

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There is no 100 percent guarantee on anything, but it's so important to listen to your gut. If you feel like you're not being taken seriously, try somewhere else. It's very important that if you have the option to try different doctors and different centers to do so.

And although I'm not a fan of Internet symptom searches because it can make your mind jump to the worst case scenario, it's not a bad idea when you aren't getting answers. Don't be intimidated into not demanding different tests, or of saying, "Could this be cancer?" or anything else you suspect. This is NOT to blame Major for not doing enough, she did everything a reasonable person could do and the medical community failed her miserably.

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But it never hurts to remember you are your best and first advocate. No one can care about your health like you can. Be a pain in the ass!

Have you ever gone back numerous times to different doctors for the same symptoms? Have you ever been misdiagnosed?

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