Pink Eye in Grownups: 8 Tips for Treating Conjunctivitis

woman with bloodshot red eyes pink eyeWe tend to think of conjunctivitis, or pink eye, as a bacterial or viral infection kids have to deal with, but adults can suffer from the irritating condition all too often, too! Pink eye, which typically makes eyes watery, red, itchy, and swollen, and may even be accompanied with a yellow/green discharge, is so common -- especially among moms.


"It's likely that viral conjunctivitis is the most common, because of it is highly contagious," explains Gary Heiting, O.D., senior editor at "Viral pink eye often affects several people within families, and outbreaks frequently occur in schools and offices, where people are in close contact with each other and share objects (linens, bathrooms, desks, computers, etc.) Infection often occurs from the transfer of the virus from person to person when people rub their eyes, and then, shake hands with others or or transfer the virus to objects other people touch."

That said, there are ways to cope if you do come down with a bout of pink eye. Check out our eight best tips for battling a bout of conjunctivitis below, then tell us: What was the last time you had to fight off pink eye? What did you do to feel better?


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