Giuliana Rancic's Visible Collarbone Causes Concern at Golden Globes (PHOTOS)

giuliana rancic golden globes pre-partyRight in the heart of the action on the Golden Globes red carpet at the Beverly Hilton last night, Giuliana Rancic and the Fashion Police crew (notably sans the late Joan Rivers) took to their usual post, identifying the best and worst looks of the night. But on Twitter, the masses were paying a bit less attention to what celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Amal Clooney were wearing and more to Giuliana herself. The general consensus: The E! host looked scary skinny, "like skin and bones" and "gorgeous but needs a sandwich or 10." 


Interviewing stars in a strapless Maria Lucia Hohan mermaid gown, viewers took to social media to point out her protruding collar bone and thin arms, expressing concern that the 40-year-old breast cancer survivor may be sick.

Check out a couple of shots of the E! host:

giuliana rancic golden globes 2015 back

giuliana rancic golden globes 2015

Concerning, yes ... But it's unfair to jump to conclusions about why she looks so thin. It's possible she's not unwell at all. In the wake of similar reactions from fans back in October 2013, Giuliana has explained to HuffPost Live that she knows the truth: She eats, takes a lot of walks, and she simply has a "fast metabolism."

Her recent weight loss may also be attributed to stress ... She is a hard-working mom of a toddler, after all!

Whatever the case, though, we can only hope that she's well. And if for some horrible reason, she's not, well, Giuliana's been nothing but forthcoming with fans about her health challenges in the past. I'd venture to guess she'll display the same candor about anything else that she's grappling with.

What did you think about Giuliana's appearance last night?


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