Oprah's Latest Weight Loss Confession Is a Huge Slap in the Face to Her Fans

oprah selma premierePeople can't stop talking about last month's ABC News special, Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014. In fact, Walters' sitdown with Oprah is likely still raising eyebrows over the fact that the 60-year-old Queen of Talk said that she "could not have had the life or the career in the way that I had it if I'd chosen to have children." Eep. But the influential mogul, whose career has been built around self-empowerment and inspiring women to believe in themselves, also admitted something else that was not just shocking but beyond disappointing.


Barbara asked Oprah to finish the following sentence, "Before I leave this Earth, I will not be satisfied until I ..." and this is what the woman who basically RUNS the freakin' world had to say in response:

... until I make peace with the whole weight thing.

It was pretty much impossible to not react with a slow-mo jaw-drop, gasp, followed by an ear-splitting "AGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!" Even Barbara's eyes popped out, and she blurted, "WHAT?! That's still on your mind?!"

Seriously, just watch, at about 5:35 ...

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Ughhhh. At the very least, it seems like she realizes how nuts it is, responding with a slightly guilty, "Yeeeah ... I've got to make peace with it." 

Still, there's really no way to hear that without losing ... your ... mind. Because if a woman who has accomplished more than you would think possible in five lifetimes, let alone one, still needs to "make peace with the weight thing" at nearly 61 years old, OMG, what sort of chance in hell do the rest of us have for doing that?!

Having been deemed "overweight" or "formerly overweight" for two-thirds of my life, I get where she's coming from. Hence the tears that quickly followed the initial incredulity and dismay. But I just kinda thought OF ALL WOMEN, Oprah wouldn't still be hung up on that. At this point in her life, with her next big aspiration to become a "master teacher" of self-improvement, she would be more evolved. She could be a shining example for those of us who are still in the trenches, wrestling with our inner critic, and working desperately to cultivate self-acceptance, trying so hard not to beat ourselves up over going up a size or eating a cupcake. And let's be honest: That is almost ALL OF US.

But who could blame us, when Oprah Winfrey herself can't even freaking love her body?! AGH!

That said, she's only human, and you've gotta appreciate her candor. Plus, Oprah's issues are obviously just a symptom of a bigger problem. 

Oprah's confession speaks volumes about how utterly screwed-up our priorities are as a society. First of all, the fact that this comment didn't become a trending topic ("#TheWeightThing") is a problem. When a woman says she isn't at peace with her body, it goes right over our heads, because, like, hello, who is?

But worst of all, Oprah's admission here basically boils down to this deeply sad idea that as a woman in our culture, no matter how much power, success, money, popularity you have, you'll never be fully happy or realized until you are cool with a number on a scale. That as long as you don't find a conventional standard of beauty, not even having the world on a string will be enough.

Heartwrenching doesn't even begin to describe what that is.

Guess all we can do is look at this as even more motivation to cut it out with the vicious cycle of fad dieting and self-loathing and make the real priority to FINALLY make peace with "the weight thing." Because hey, at the very least, if you can do that, you can say that you've done something even Oprah hasn't!

What's your reaction to Oprah's confession? Does it have you seeing red, too, and why or why not?

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