10 Reasons New Year's Resolutions to Lose Weight Set You Up to Fail (PHOTOS)

resolution notepad surrounded by christmas cookies

Last week, you were probably dunking Christmas cookies into hot cocoa while sucking on a candy cane and baking up a batch of cupcakes. But now that it's a new calendar year, it's like someone flipped a switch, and we're supposed to be vowing off of sugar and carbs FOREVER while taking spin classes and swigging green juice. Agh!


If 2015 already has you feeling seriously pressured to get your butt in gear and start dropping pounds STAT, you are not alone. But the start of a new year with all of its resolutions hoopla actually is NOT the most conducive to getting the weight loss results you want.

We spoke experts who spend all year helping their patients and clients slim down, and got the scoop on the 10 ways this season makes starting a weight loss plan even more challenging -- and what you can do to succeed anyway!

Check out their tips below, then tell us: Which of these has been the biggest hurdle for you?


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