20 Reasons Women Refuse to Go On a Diet in the New Year

diet log quitting hamburgerIt's the most wonderful time of the year ... for diet companies that can't wait to ring the cash register with promises of helping women stick to their New Year's resolutions and drop major pounds in 2015. But contrary to popular belief about this time of year, not everyone is planning to start counting calories next month. In fact, some of us may be 100 percent opposed to jumping on the weight loss bandwagon.


We asked 20 women to reveal their most honest reasons for NOT going on a new diet in the New Year. Bet you'll absolutely love what they had to say!

1. "I despise the word 'diet.' No one should ever diet. They should seek an entire lifestyle change. I made my lifestyle change over two years ago, and the Paleo lifestyle works best for me." -Casey R., Oklahoma City, OK

2."'Diets' don't seem to work for many people, and losing weight to gain it back is supposedly unhealthy and makes you gain more the next time. Also, I have young kids, and the last thing I want them to see is that Mom diets and Dad doesn't, perpetuating the myth that men can gain weight, be loved, and not worried about it (their dad is heavier than I am), and women have to worry about weight and do unhealthy diets, or can't join in fun food stuff with the rest of the family." -Tracy B., NC

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3. "I lost 100 pounds in the last year and a half, so I don't need to lose any more. But counting calories never worked for me. I ended up walking and only eating when I was really hungry. I didn't eat because it was 'time' to. That's how I went from 219 pounds to 122." -Erna R., Veneta, OR 

4. "Because there's no point. Diets are for the moment, to fit into a dress you like. Healthy eating is a lifestyle that allows you to fit into that dress all year long." -Anonymous

5. "I'm not starting a new diet, because I have already been losing weight at a good rate for the past seven months. I made a healthy lifestyle change in June. I disagree with calling it a diet since any way of eating is technically a diet, whether it is healthy or not." -Susan Y., Pittsburgh, PA

6. "I don't need to diet." -Anonymous

7. "Depriving myself of anything usually just ends in binge eating and giving up on my diet. Instead, we're cutting out junk and processed foods, and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. I know I can lose weight by cutting soda out. I just have to get back into the habit of not drinking it." -Megan J., Clearwater, FL

10. "Two reasons I will not be starting a new diet as a resolution: First, I have been eating low-carb for a long time now, and it really works for me. Second, I don't believe in setting a date to make a change. If I really want to change something, I'm going to do it now, not three days, three weeks, or three months from now." -Jennifer W., Wardensville, WV

11. "I'm actually pregnant, so dieting would not be in my best interest at this time." -Kari V., Denver, CO

12. "I don't like to count calories, because I find it counter-intuitive. I [end up] more concerned with the numbers going into my mouth rather than the type of food. It's more important to be properly nourished than to make sure you get only X calories every day." -Natalie B., Fredericksburg, VA

13. "I've been following the same diet for a while now. It consists mainly of fresh produce, meat, and small amounts of lentils, dairy, and grains. I like what I eat and have no desire to change it." -Deidre M., New York, NY

14. "I don't diet. What works for me is realizing how to eat to raise my metabolism and understanding the connections various foods have with each other. I know what time of day to eat proteins, carbs, fats. It is a total day meal plan, not a diet." -Deborah S., Eastern Shore, MD

15. "I'm not starting a diet, because there is way too much going on with work, and just life in general. Once that calms down, maybe I will start but not right now." -Reina H., Tulsa, OK

16. "I'm not starting a diet, because they don't work, cause stress, and feed insecurities. What DOES work is making good choices, eating healthy, and getting exercise." -Anonymous

17. "I know what I can and can't eat in order to maintain my weight. I know what makes me feel good and what makes me feel bad and I do my best to avoid the bad." -Krista D., Westminster, CO

18. "I am not starting a diet, because I already have a diet that suits me. I have fibromyalgia and cutting out processed food, sugars, and most carbs stops my fibro from flaring (as much), and it had the added benefit of contributing to me losing almost 40 pounds. I am happy now at my current weight, so it's all good." -Tiffany S., Northeastern PA

19. "For me, it's not about finding some crazy fad diet that I can deal with for a few weeks, but a lifestyle I can be comfortable with. I don't have some goal based on what anyone else thinks would look good, but what I believe is best for my body. Losing weight is [about] finding what works with you and what you can live with. Then finding the healthy size that makes you feel happy." -Kellie B., Fort Worth, TX

20. "I recently lost all 60 pounds I gained while pregnant with my daughter. (She's almost 2.) I was fortunate to be able to recognize what changes I needed to implement (and accept) in order to meet my weight and fitness goals. As of this month, I finally have visible abs! For the first time ever, in my whole life. It's just a mini-pack, but I'm getting there. Best advice I have is to listen to your body. It's all about positive lifestyle changes and not diets!" -Julaine H., Baltimore, MD

Why are you NOT starting a diet in the new year?


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